Attuner Live Model; Towards Sentience™
Depositor - Interrupting Flows
Cyborg Ecologies
Cyborgs Experiments - Depositor, Attuner + Section Cutter
imPULSE Robotic Model
Farnsworth - interior pan
Isles of Mud
'The Unknown'
Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes
'Bird Migration'
'Inundation' [Landscape Representations III Module II, Video II (Atmospheric Phenomenon)]
Pressure Point: Reclamation Through Intercepted Maritime Economies of Bab-el Mandeb
Urbanization in the Amazon
Amazonian Soy as an Infrastructural Catalyst
Accrete (Conceptual Simulation)
Advection Fog Formation (Conceptual Simulation)
Radical Representation

produced by Leif Estrada for Kuth Ranieri Architects.

Proposal for the Harvey Milk Plaza