Radical Representation

Under the Instruction of Gregory Hurcomb |  Spring 2012


Independent Project
Deterioration of wood and other plant species occur when they become overly-exposed to moisture and heat, and not a balance between the two. Through the decay of the plants’ micro cellulose structure (by expansion and mergence of the individual cellulose; creating new and bigger voids), comes the overall macro deterioration of the plant, which is exhibited on the outer surface. The cellulose’ bond structure is very similar to that of the glucose (commonly known as sugar), both in its formal qualities and uses. The suffix “ose,” for instance means “sweet” in Latin, and both serves as nutrients to its consumer.  Investigating a cell’s initial state to its fully deteriorated form, by using temporal sectional swatches; temporal topological diagrams are created to visualize the differentiating textures found in the cell’s deterioration over time.