Hydropolis canal sectional perspective

Hydropolis canal sectional perspective

Under the Instruction of David Fletcher |  Fall 2010


In collaboration with Melissa Lee, BArch '12 with Distinction and Anthony Paul, BArch '11
Hydropolis is a design proposal for the abandoned decommissioned Alameda NAS, which would revitalize the current man-made land mass both ecologically and economically. The hydrological park responds to water, as a result of both the current sea-level rise and potential water collection.

Hydropolis will become a node-activator, which will collect both rain-water and desalinate the sea-water which will be stored in underground cisterns that will allow overflows to provide for water recreations. The park will not only provide for itself, but also for its neighboring communities as it will both provide energy generated by algal fields and water that will be naturally filtered as it moves through the cycle.

Renderings, Diagrams, Drawings: