Selected and Awarded the School Jury Prize Nomination for Spring 2009

Under the Instruction of Jason Anderson, and Amanda Williams |  Spring 2009

Angel Island (San Francisco), CA

Independent Project
San Francisco's growth has been rapid in the last century; both in population and in land area. Almost a-third of the peninsula is made of landfill, and are threat due to liquefaction that could be caused my inundation. In 300 years, the tides will rise 90 feet, engulfing the majority of the Bay Area, and with population growth continuing to increase, land will be a scarce resource.

_Phase One will be utilized as a gradual evacuation procedure onto barges, which adapts with the growing population, compressing to provide more spaces as needed.

_Phase Two is adaptation.  With the continued decline of habitable land, people turn to alternative and adaptable shelters.  However, there will still be a need to dock, in order to "refuel," and this is what the retreat facility provides—to serve as a temporary docking site for the barges, which provide multiple docking stations through time as the water rises.  The proposed design embraces such impending disaster and takes advantage of it.

Renderings, Diagrams, Drawings and Models: