Attuner Live Model; Towards Sentience™
Depositor - Interrupting Flows
Cyborg Ecologies
Cyborgs Experiments - Depositor, Attuner + Section Cutter
imPULSE Robotic Model
Farnsworth - interior pan
Isles of Mud
'The Unknown'
Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes
'Bird Migration'
'Inundation' [Landscape Representations III Module II, Video II (Atmospheric Phenomenon)]
Pressure Point: Reclamation Through Intercepted Maritime Economies of Bab-el Mandeb
Urbanization in the Amazon
Accrete (Conceptual Simulation)
Advection Fog Formation (Conceptual Simulation)
Radical Representation

produced by Leif Estrada for Kuth Ranieri Architects.

Proposal for the Harvey Milk Plaza